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The goal of the Human and Institutional Capacity Development (HICD) Directorate is to develop institutional research capabilities and infrastructure in parallel with the appropriate human capital to drive the research and development strategies within the National System of Innovation.While South Africa can boast pockets of world-class research facilities at selected institutions, for the most part, significant research infrastructure investments are needed to create and maintain a research environment within which the National Research Foundation (NRF) vision of world-class research may be realised.

2013 SARChI Call for 2 new Chairs.

Call for proposals from South African public universities to host the following two Research Chairs; (i) South African – Swiss (SA-CH) Bilateral Research Chair in Global Environmental Health and (ii) Research Chair in Science Communication.

Tax Implication For "Profits" On Grant Funded Research

Can you make a profit on grant funded research? The short answer to this question is a simple "yes". If your research project finances result in a profit then the South African Revenue Services will certainly be interested as to the amount involved. With the financial year ending for most individuals on the 28th February annually, it presents an opportune moment for researchers to reflect on the finances of their projects.   

Minister Pandor announces 60 new Research Chairs

The Minister of Science and Technology, Naledi Pandor is pleased to announce that a total of 60 new Research Chairs have been awarded to various institutions of higher learning across South Africa, during the 2011/12 and 2013/14 Medium Term Expenditure Framework. This increases the number of Research Chairs in South Africa to 152.

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