Human Capacity Programme - Overview

The Human Capacity Programme (HCP) manages student and graduate support programmes. Efforts are made to ensure that honours, masters and doctoral students and postdoctoral research fellows extend their learning and research training.The Student and Postdoctoral Support (SPS), sub-programme manages the implementation of strategic projects, bursaries and scholarships programmes with the aim of developing and increasing skilled human resources in Science, Engineering and Technology and in Social Sciences and Humanities, in line with NRF Vision 2015.The Department of Science and Technology and National Research Foundation (DST-NRF) Internship Programme provides unemployed graduates with experiential learning and an opportunity to enhance workplace competencies by participating in research and other training opportunities at various host institutions.

  • Student and Postdoctoral Support (SPS)
    • Programmes within SPS include: The NRF Freestanding Scholarships; Innovation Bursary Scheme; Scarce Skills Development Fund; Space Science and Technology; National Bioinformatics and Functional Genomics; Innovation Postdoctoral Fellowship; NRF Postdoctoral Fellowship; Research Professional Development Programme and Strategic projects.
  • Internship ProgrammeThe DST-NRF Internship programme provides skills training opportunities for unemployed science, engineering and technology (SET) graduates.