Institutional Capacity Programme - Overview

The Institutional Capacity Programme (ICP) supports and implements funding initiatives, through research grants, to develop and enhance human capital development and to strengthen sustained institutional research capacity at public higher education and research institutions. The ICP makes provision for two types of grants, viz. the Thuthuka and Institutional Capacity Deveopment(ICD) grants. The ICD research grant programme replaces the Institutional Research Development Programme (IRDP), commonly known as the Research Niche Areas programme, which is being phased out concurrently with the implementation of the ICD grant. The ICP programme seeks to partner with higher education institutions with the development and enhancement of a research culture, ethos and practice with the view to develop world class universities. Specifically objectives of the programme are to:

  • Develop and foster a culture of research;
  • Increase the quality and quantity of PhDs and other research outputs; Increase substantially the number of researchers;
  • Cooperate in Africa research partnerships; and
  • Bench mark participating local institutions against world class universities.