Space, Science and Technology


Government has made major investments in space science and technology infrastructure through projects such as the South African Large Telescope (SALT) and Meer Karoo Array Telescope/Square Kilometre Array (MeerKAT/SKA). The investments was a response to the demand of the necessary human capital to meet the the emerging national space priorities.
The DST has committed to a two-fold funding support for human and institutional capacity development.

The human capacity development includes support through the following interventions:

  • Bursaries and scholarships
  • Workshop attendance

The institutional financial support includes:

  • Building institutional capacity
  • Institutional Human Capital Development programmes
  • Hosting of workshops, conferences and symposia, and
  • Hosting of experts


    To creating an environment in which space science and technology receives the necessary human capital to pursue relevant and realistic space programme.
    To develop programmes that provide training and education needed to ensure progress and that will maintain the capability to adapt to changing requirements.
    To integrate and compete effectively with other space faring nations.