Innovation Postdoctoral Fellowships

BackgroundThe Innovation Postdoctoral Fellowship is a DST funding instrument that works towards building a strong knowledge economy across all sectors of the population, to drive innovation that will improve the lives of ordinary South Africans. The innovations that emerge from the research conducted by the programme’s Fellows will also boost the country’s standing in the international scientific community.This fellowship programme supports fellows conducting research in innovation areas to build and strengthen the Postdoctoral culture. The programme encourages researchers to conduct their research in South Africa and to create opportunities for them to travel abroad to conferences, workshops and laboratories, by providing a contribution towards the costs of international travel.The fellowship takes a 360-degree approach to supporting the researchers. An annual Postdoctoral Research Forum gives them the opportunity to present their work, and to discuss concerns and suggest alternative approaches to maximising the postdoctoral research experience. For more information on the forum, visit the postdoctoral website at Target groupsThe programme is working towards building a complement of researchers that will redress the imbalance of skills, with the targets of:

  • 80% Blacks
  • 65% Females


  • To leverage innovation in universities through funding
  • To enable world-class experience in strategic and applied research
  • To expand transformation initiatives through equity and career growth opportunities
  • To attract young scientists and professionals of the highest caliber to influence innovation through research