Infrastructure Bridging Programme


The Infrastructure Bridging Programme makes available, non interest-bearing bridging funding to a maximum value of either R5 million or the size of the grant deposit per research institution.  These funds are geared towards supporting the universities in terms of acquiring the necessary research infrastructure required to extend the boundaries of science, engineering and technology in South Africa.  This financial risk will therefore need to be guaranteed by the research institution in terms of the full repayment of the Infrastructure Bridging Programme within the stipulated 12 month time frame by the Deputy Vice Chancellor: Research and Chief Financial Officer.


The primary objectives of the Infrastructure Bridging Programme are to:

  • Support the development of suitable infrastructure needed to house large pieces of research equipment funded through other NRF mechanisms;
  • Prevent the delay in the deployment of research equipment due to infrastructural constraints that arise from a shortage of cash; and
  • Support the acquisition of research equipment to enhance the research infrastructure capacity at the institution.

Eligibility Criteria

The Infrastructure Bridging Programme will only be made available to South African public universities, Science Councils, museums and other state-funded research institutions (e.g. Necsa). Furthermore, the grant is repayable in full to the NRF in the stipulated time frame.  Failure to do so will disqualify the institutions participating in the Programme again and the total outstanding amount will be recovered either from future grants awarded to the institution or the grant deposit made to the institution.