How to Nominate Students for Thuthuka

Nominate students for funding

  • During the initial application stage student identification is not required, only the number and level of students for which funding is sought. This is part of the compulsory budget request section of the electronic application.
  • Before funding is released applicants need to provide the personal details of the students for whom bursaries have been procured. This is done by accessing the student nomination function on the NRF Online System, to be found on the “My Applications” page. Access the active application and follow the instructions for student nomination.

Note that student funding will only be provided for the duration of project funding, not until degree completion by the student. Students who are nominated towards the end of a project’s funding cycle need to be aware that they will not be able to rely on Thuthuka funding once the project has come to an end, and as such will have to make alternate financial arrangements in order to assure the successful termination of their studies.