SA PhD Project - Overview

The South African PhD Project aims to significantly increase the number and diversity of South Africans with research doctorate degrees.  Established to support human capital development in conjunction with National Research Foundation and external doctoral funding and training programmes, the South African PhD Project attracts new candidates and encourages them to pursue and successfully complete doctoral studies in South Africa and other countries. 


Our objectives are to:

•Increase the number of qualified South Africans for critical positions in academia, the public service and the private sector.

•Provide a hub for nurturing peer and mentor support networks for potential PhD candidates.

•Increase the number, and diversity, of role models and mentors.

•Contribute towards developing a more equitable private and public sector workforce to service a diversified customer base.

•Foster collaborative private public partnerships for human capital development in South Africa.


Primary activities of the South African PhD Project include:

•Providing a ‘one-stop-shop’ clearinghouse comprising of an interactive website or portal for visitors, mainly students, academics, employers and funders, to provide them with information;

•Fostering collaborative private-public partnerships for human capital development in South Africa. 

•Hosting annual conferences which allow potential doctoral candidates to meet and interact with higher education institution recruiting agents, local and international funding agencies, motivational speakers, sponsors and potential employers in order to make informed choices


For more information,  visit the SA PhD Website.