Strategic Platforms Programme - Overview

The Strategic Platforms Programme resides within the Human and Institutional Capacity Development Directorate of the Research Innovation and Support Agency business unit at the National Research Foundation (NRF). 

The SPP supports a knowledge economy through the acquisition, up-grade and development of state-of-the-art research equipment; incentivising quality research outputs from national facilities and facilitating access to research equipment. 

In order to deliver on the NRF’s key driver of producing high quality PhDs, the Strategic Platforms Programme, within the framework of the National System of Innovation focuses on the following objectives:

  • The development of enabling infrastructure including state-of-the-art research equipment and national facilities,
  • The access to research equipment and facilities through mobility and research grants,
  • Research projects in strategic areas, including Nanotechnology and
  • The development of specialised technical expertise for knowledge generation within existing and developing strategic platforms. 


How Tos

How to Apply for SPP Funding

The call for applications is published annually and application forms is located in the downloads section of this website. Complete all sections of the application form and submit two copies to the NRF as follows: